Strategy Games

If you want to gain the ability to use the left (logical) and right (creative) sides of their brain, then these are the games you are looking for. These strategy games help you in ingraining the ability to clearly define objectives and develop a strategic action plan with each objective broken down into tasks and each task having a list of needed resources and a specific timeline. These games also let you gain cognitive skills, motor movement, decision-making skills, concentration improvement with simple exercises and puzzles. With these games, you will listen, hear and understand what is said and will read and observe to derive strategic information to guide you through the quest. The apps available in this category are normally single player and are committed for lifelong learners who tend to learn from each of their experiences which in return enable them to think better on strategic issues.

Zonmob Game Studio

Tower Defense Zone

'Tower Defense Zone - One of the best attractive game in Strategy category

37.7 MB


Spider Solitaire 2018

'Spider Solitaire 2018 is one of the best card games free for Android .

33.3 MB


Wars for the containers.

'Bidding for the containers and became rich!

57.3 MB



'Infinite Tower Defense with hundreds of towers and thousands of enemies!

11.7 MB


Vikings - Age of Warlords

'Brave Vikings, prepare for battle! Join the epic MMO war game, if you dare!

54.5 MB

Erepublik Labs

World at War: WW2 Strategy MMO

'Become a WW2 General in a world of war and rewrite history!

113.6 MB


Olympus Rising: Hero Defense

'Greek Gods of Mythology! The gates of Mount Olympus are open – Become legends!

97.4 MB


Game of Warriors

'Game of Warriors is a Strategy TD game with a unique style in its genre.

74.8 MB



'Assemble the mightiest artillery force and bombard your foes into oblivion!

26.0 MB

Next Games

The Walking Dead No Man's Land

'Play AMC's The Walking Dead! Complete Episode 1 and unlock Daryl to your team!

26.8 MB


الفاتحون Conquerors

'Arabic Real Time Strategy Game

39.8 MB B.V.

Might and Glory: Kingdom War

'Fighting a dragon... easier slayed than done.

64.5 MB


European War 5:Empire

You are about to build a great empire.

82.5 MB


Caravan War: Heroes and Tower Defense

'A real multiplayer tower defense! Build epic army! Rush your kingdom to glory!

100.2 MB

Spooky House Studios UG(haftungsbeschraenkt)


'Turn Based strategy at its best. More fun than chess. Get smarter. Play it.

46.5 MB

ninja kiwi

Bloons Monkey City

'Create, upgrade, and customize your very own Bloons Monkey City!

52.4 MB

Cat Studio

Little Commander - WWII TD

'Get tired of hard core defense games? Try this one!

24.2 MB

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd


ci - 12th in "focus"

5.8 MB


Baahubali: The Game (Official)

'Build your Rajya, train army and help Baahubali defeat the enemies of Mahishmati

70.6 MB

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd


uu - the 2nd in our "focus" series! (aa, uu, ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp & th)

5.8 MB

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd


do - 18th in "focus"

5.9 MB

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd


'Get the pink dot to the green dot without touching black dots.

6.0 MB

Blastworks Inc.

MB: Empire State Building FREE

'**The smash PC series is now on Android!**

8.4 MB

Ubisoft Entertainment

South Park: Phone Destroyer™

'Take on Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle and become...THE ULTIMATE PHONE DESTROYER!

92.6 MB


World Conqueror 3

'EASYTECH will create the most outstanding war strategy games as always.

76.7 MB

FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

Tentacle Wars ™


34.9 MB


WW2: real time strategy game!

'Real time strategy game about Second World War

107.8 MB


Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US

'🇺🇸 Live the thrills of the war and defend your kingdom from the enemy clash!

24.7 MB

Zoom Inc

Arrow Ambush

Shoot the target! Don't hit the other Arrows, Challenge Friends for High Score!

16.2 MB

Blastworks Inc.

Green City: A Sim Builder Game

'Restore life to a decaying town in this city-building time management game!

92.6 MB

Tapps Games

Bid Wars - Storage Auctions and Pawn Shop Tycoon

'Become a rich tycoon in the auction world! Earn money in bid and storage wars!

93.3 MB


Glory of Generals2: ACE

The new war is about to begin.

94.4 MB


Clash of Clans

Epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops & go to battle!

95.8 MB

Cat Studio

Global Defense: Zombie War

'Do you like killing zombies? Fans of TD and zombie games must not miss this game

27.4 MB


Kingdom Wars

'The Best Fantasy Defense Game!

25.0 MB

Social Quantum Ltd


City strategy & urban tycoon sim: build your dream town with railway and airport

61.4 MB

Cookie Crush Games

Bubbles Rise

Can you rise to the challenge and pop all balls? Play NOW & solve puzzles!

23.1 MB


Defense Zone HD Lite

'Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance.

97.8 MB


Defense Zone - Original

'Stunning detail of levels, in-depth gameplay, finely tuned balance.

57.2 MB


正統三國-經典國戰 即時策略類手游


120.3 MB

Babil Games LLC

نداء الحرب 3: إمبراطورية الفولاذ | لعبة حربية

'A call to arms. Command your army in the rogue battlefield of modern warfare.

72.5 MB

Max Games Studios

Stick War: Legacy

'Learn the way of the Sword, Spear, Archer, and Mage. Only you can free Inamorta!

83.2 MB


Clash of Lords: Guild Castle

'Clash of Lords is a game where magic and action come alive at your fingertips!

54.8 MB


Star Wars™: Commander

'Which Side Will You Fight For?

79.1 MB

Octro, Inc.

YuddhBhoomi: the epic war land

'Live the Indian mythological dream, lead warriors to victory against enemies!

86.6 MB


Lords & Knights - Medieval Building Strategy MMO

'Play now: construct fortresses, build cities and strike your enemies!

84.7 MB B.V.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia

'The best of RPG, action and strategy in one game.

596.1 MB

Nanobit Games

My City - Entertainment Tycoon

'Make sure that your very own city is a fun and entertaining place to live!

98.7 MB


Tanks of Battle: World War 2

'Experience hell on wheels in this historical World War 2 tank game!

61.2 MB

Cat Studio

Soldiers of Glory: Modern War

'This is definitely the terminator of tower defense games!

22.6 MB

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd


th - the 9th in our "focus" series! (aa, uu, ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp & th)

5.8 MB

Elex Wireless

Clash of Kings:The West

'Are you ready to join thousands of other lords in a war to control kingdoms?

97.4 MB

Celsius online

Primal Legends

'Assemble your army, duel players in real time and become Legend!

95.2 MB

Cat Studio

Little Commander WW2 Halloween

'Get tired of hard core defense games? Try this one!

24.6 MB

Armor Games

Cursed Treasure 2

'This tower defense pits the dark lord (you!) against the forces of, eugh, good.

82.5 MB


Empire VS Orcs

'Use your wisdom to crush enemy tribes and destroy the den of Orcs!

22.2 MB

Ace Viral

Empire Penguin

'💰📈🐧 Build your business empire and live like a billionaire! 🐧📈💰

28.4 MB

Goodgame Studios

Empire: Four Kingdoms

Fight medieval kings, build alliances & conquer enemies with PVP battle strategy

72.1 MB

Genera Games

Skull Towers: Best Offline Castle Defense Games

'The best tower defense games! Protect a realm in castle defence offline games!

93.0 MB


Badland Brawl

'🔥Explosive multiplayer brawler with fun physics based action

77.1 MB

Ember Entertainment


'Form an alliance and start conquering the world!

63.4 MB


Super Spell Heroes

'Become a legendary wizard!

50.3 MB


Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires - Strategy RPG

'Wage MMORPG battles and conquer kingdoms to create an empire and win the war!

14.5 MB

NutGame Avalon Studio

Age of Kingdoms : Forge Empires

'Epic global online strategy game. Befriend,chat and battle in the real time game

61.8 MB

Elite Games

Castle Defense

'Castle Defense: The best strategy/arcade castle defense ever!

16.0 MB

Game Insight

Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders: Survive, Defend, Revenge & Rush

45.8 MB

Cat Studio

Little Commander 2 Xmas

'Little commander, are you ready to defend your country?

45.9 MB

Babil Games LLC

Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel | World War MMO

'A call to arms. Command your army in the rogue battlefield of modern warfare.

72.5 MB


1944 Burning Bridges

'Join the war for Europe and relive the greatest military invasion of WW2: D-Day!

91.2 MB


Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW

'Battle for the seas in the official Pirates of the Caribbean RTS game

47.6 MB


Empire: Origin

'Do you have what it takes to lead your town to a kingdom?

98.8 MB


War of Kings

'Fight for Freedom

76.2 MB

Cat Studio

Little Commander 2

'Little commander, are you ready to defend your country?

48.4 MB

Outplay Entertainment Ltd

Alien Creeps TD - Epic tower defense

'Save Earth with over 25 million players! The best tower defense game on mobile!

98.4 MB

Cory Trese

Templar Assault RPG

'Command a squad of Templars in close-quarters tactical combat versus aliens

14.6 MB


Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

'Become a legendary Warchief!

92.0 MB

Mountain Lion

Empire:Rome Rising

'Forge an empire to stand the test of time. Play the most addictive war game!

73.5 MB

Geek Beach

Colony Attack

'Develop your planet, build your fleet, explore the galaxy, destroy your enemies.

53.9 MB

FXGames Media

Galaxy Control: 3D strategy

'Ultimate strategy game! Build your base and battle with other players online!

92.7 MB


The Wall - Medieval Heroes

'Defend your village besieged by aggressive, jealous barbarians!

10.6 MB

G5 Entertainment

Supermarket Mania Journey

'Start your frenzied adventure now!

76.8 MB

BlitWise Productions, LLC

Pocket Tanks

"The Ultimate One-on-One Artillery Game" – Now with cross-platform ONLINE Play!

28.2 MB


King of Thieves

'Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arena!

73.7 MB


Boom Beach

'Storm the beach and win the day!

95.6 MB


March of Empires: War of Lords

'Become king in an MMO strategy game full of war, intrigue and conquest!

89.1 MB

Tapps Games

My Ice Cream Truck - Make Sweet Frozen Desserts

'🍨Make and sell delicious frozen desserts and manage your own ice cream truck!🍨

39.0 MB

Ember Entertainment

Empire Z: Endless War

'The World is in Ruins! Battle Zombies! Form Alliances! Rebuild Civilization!

76.4 MB

ninja kiwi

Bloons Adventure Time TD

'Defend Ooo from the Bloon invasion in this epic tower defense crossover.

63.4 MB



Battle strategy game: Build an empire, wage war & conquer nations across history

78.1 MB



'Free experience epic fantasy war strategy game. Conquer new territories, the establishment of a strong kingdom, dominate the world!

23.8 MB