YouTube adds new monetization options to help creators make more money

Earning with YouTube is easy, but making big money with the platform can be a challenge.
Monetization means that you authorize the presence of advertisements on your videos, and YouTube charges advertisers for these and shares the fees with you, allowing you to make some money from people viewing your videos.

The steps in earning online revenue with YouTube is to open an account and turn on Account Monetization. Enabling monetization requires accepting YouTube's advertising guidelines and connecting to an AdSense account for payment. Enabling ads on your YouTube videos requires agreeing to Google's ad revenue share for YouTube. There is a 45/55 split for all content creators, so Google keeps 45 percent of all YouTube advertising on your videos, and you get the remaining 55 percent.

Neal Mohan, YouTube's chief product officer, at VidCon, the annual conference for online video makers announced new monetization options for content creators.
The first announcement was Channel Membership at $4.99 that offers users exclusive content on a channel like live streams, news of upcoming events, special badges and much more. Presently, this subscription is eligible only for channels with more than 100k subscribers. The membership will soon be expanding to channels with more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Second big announcement was easing ways for creators to sell their products directly from YouTube.

YouTube in partnership with Teespring, a platform for custom merchandise that profits from infringing graphics uploaded by their users will give creators a platform to sell their merchandise. At first, this feature will be available in the US with twenty items available for customization.

YouTube also announced live streaming feature called "Premieres", which will allow creators "to debut pre-recorded videos as a live moment".
They can interact with their fans then and there as the video goes live and also have Super Chat and Channel Membership perks. Channels above 10,000 subscribers are eligible for Premieres.

Launched in 2005, the Google-owned video platform has penetrated 80 percent of India's internet crowd.
According to ComScore's Video Metrix Multi-Platform, "YouTube reaches 85 percent of all highly engaged internet users (18-plus years) in India who watch a video within 48 hours of it going live."

Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer at YouTube, said, "In the last few years, India has emerged as an incredibly dynamic content and user market for YouTube. We now have more than 300 channels with over a million subscribers, from just 16 channels in 2014. We will continue to invest in programmes to support creators, and encourage more diversity and distribution of their content."

"YouTube has become a powerful platform for users, content creators and advertisers alike. Huge variety of premium content combined with the growing base and popularity of our creator community " truly differentiates YouTube from all other platforms.", says Rajan Anandan, Vice-President, South East Asia and India, Google.

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