WhatsApp for Android Picture-in-Picture Feature is now available for all Android users but with a glitch!

The much-awaited Picture-in-Picture mode which was initially available in WhatsApp Android beta version since October and rolled out in iOS earlier this year is now available in the latest WhatsApp for Android App Version 2.18.380. Android users can now watch videos from third-party apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube within the WhatsApp chat window without having to move outside of the WhatsApp chat.

With Picture-in-Picture feature, whenever a user taps on the video link within an individual chat or group chat, the video starts playing in a small separate window at the top of the chat. You can simultaneously scroll through the chat and the video keeps playing at the top of the chat window. So, you no longer have to leave your WhatsApp chat in the middle to watch Instagram, YouTube or Facebook videos by going to these video platforms.
But this feature comes with a flaw!!You cannot watch videos in Picture-in-Picture Mode if they are originally shared within WhatsApp messaging app itself i.e, only third-party videos can be played in Picture-in-Picture mode.

WhatsApp is also testing other interesting features like Consecutive voice messages, Group Calling, Media Preview, Advertising in WhatsApp status and Dark Mode. WhatsApp recently added new features like updated new emojis, stickers and for the first time started TV campaigns in India with three ad films to raise awareness regarding Fake News.
WhatsApp in a statement said, "The three films will be available on TV, Facebook, and YouTube in nine languages and reach the diverse population that makes up WhatsApp users. The campaign is timed to start just prior to the elections in Rajasthan and Telangana and WhatsApp will build on this effort headed into the national election next year,"

The latest version of the app is free to download at our marketplace and can also be installed from Google Play Store using the given-below link.

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