Know ad details of any advertiser with Twitter's Ads Transparency Center

Amid Cambridge Analytica Breach, where data of around 50 million Facebook users was misused to gain political favors in US presidential elections 2016, Twitter has taken a step forward to provide better transparency over its ad policy.
Every user must be aware of how ads target them and what is going on behind the ads, who is running the ads, which ads have been running for the past few days and from where these ads get funds.

To provide full information on how ads run and ensure the privacy of data, Twitter announced "Ads Transparency Center" where you can see all the ins and outs of ad details.

You can see all the running ads of any advertiser, suspended ads and even know the reason for the suspension.
To keep an eye on advertisers running campaigns for federal elections, you can see organizations funding these campaigns and also know the potential audience they target based on demographic info such as gender, education, age, income levels.

The latest version of the app is free to download at our marketplace and can also be installed from Google Play Store using the given-below link.

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