Know all about Google Allo messaging app Incognito mode for private chats

Want to have a secure, private chat without showing in the conversation list? Google Allo "Incognito Mode" lets you chat privately with end-to-end encrypted messages.
All you need to do is open the Google Allo app, tap on "New Chat" and select "Start incognito chat" to chat with one contact or "Start group incognito chat" to chat in a group by selecting contacts from your Contact list.

You can anytime add new members in your group chat by sharing the Incognito group's link with new members. Here as your messages are end-to-end encrypted, other Allo functionalities like Google Assistance support and smart replies won't be available in these chats.

You can also set the expiry time of your messages after which the message disappears. You can set expiry time from 5 seconds to maximum of one week or select never to expire the messages with "Never" option.

Although incognito mode is a safe and secure way to have a personal chat but at the same time, the receiver of your messages can anytime take a screenshot of the chat or click a photo.

The latest version of the app is free to download at our marketplace and can also be installed from Google Play Store using the given-below link.

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